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Join the Retreat Tribe

If you are a Yoga instructor or studio owner join the $7 billion wellness tourism industry TODAY!  Lilly Yoga Retreats takes the RISK and hassle out of planning a retreat!   

We do all the hard work:

  • Scheduling 
  • Planning 
  • Advertising
  • Booking
  • Payments

You sit back and reap the benefits-happy clients,  happy teachers and easy revenue.  Let's build a Tribe of yogis together and travel the world!  It's fun, easy and RISK FREE.

Host your own Retreat

Risk Free Options

As a Yoga/Pilates/Detox  instructor,  I scampered around from studio to studio , private to private in order to teach.  I was thrilled to work in the Hamptons and share my knowledge and passion!  I acquired  a vast clientele, but alas, I was depleted. My dream was always to take my clients on retreat, but the enormous deposits (non refundable) and risks involved were not an option.  15 years later, I have learned a thing or two.  Firstly it "takes a village" to create an amazing long term career out of this Yoga business-relying on other teachers and several studios to "cover" you.   Secondly, sharing is caring!!!  What I mean is this-we can all struggle independently to win the hearts of "our clients", or we can realize the client is always right and has the option to bounce around from studio to studio or teacher to teacher or even switch fitness genres all together!  The point is we need to support each other and create a Tribe of Yoga loving  professionals who are willing to join forces and enjoy the camaraderie and FUN!!!! Together we can offer amazing retreats to "our" clients and clients we have not met yet!

Take the gamble out of retreats and join Lilly Yoga Retreats for a chance to travel the world and expand your horizons (and yes, your client list!)

We have 2 options:

  • Risk free : Advertise retreats to your students, you get paid per client.
  • Co-host:  You sign up as co-host, leave a (fraction of the norm) deposit, invite your friends and clients then get a free trip and paid!!  Simple and easy.  You will also receive the email list of the retreat you attend-adding more clients and fun to your life!


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